Little bugs can cause big car problems

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Little bugs can cause big car problems

Bugs may be some of the littlest of creatures, but, when it comes to the paint on your car, they can do some pretty big damage. How much damage bugs can do to your car depends on where you live and the time of year. If you live in a warm climate like San Diego, you’re going to be contending with bugs splattering on your car all year round, and it becomes a real battle to protect your paint job. But, typically, the amount of bug splatter on your car increases in the spring and summer months.

The paint on your car is more fragile than you would think and is sensitive to many outside elements. There are acids, particularly uric acid, found in the blood of insects. These acids can eat away at the paint on your car if they’re left on for too long without removing them.

It’s easy to ignore…..for awhile

Cleaning the bug splatters off your car’s paint as soon as possible can help to prevent any real damage because the acids in their blood go to work immediately and start dissolving the paint. But, realistically, that’s a lot easier said than done. The longer that bug splatter is allowed to remain on your paint, the more damage the acid does by actually etching into the paint and leaving stains, making it impossible to clean.

The amount of damage done by insect splatter can really be detrimental to the quality of the paint job on your vehicle and can have an effect on its resale value. Lux Auto Spa specializes in protection and styling for every automobile surface. From paint protection and correction to ceramic coatings to window tint and vinyl wrap, Lux AutoSpa is should be your first choice for all your automotive appearance and protection needs.

Protect your vehicle from bugs

Lux Auto Spa is the San Diego area’s premier installer of XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing Protective Film. XPEL paint protection film is clear, energy-absorbent polyurethane that acts like a layer of invisible armor over your car’s paint.

Unlike conventional paint protection films that can show scars and yellowing after only a year of use, the combination of advanced elastomeric polymers in XPEL prevent it from the discoloration that can come from repeated exposure to UV light and other environmental contaminants.

With XPEL, you now have state-of-the art protection against bugs. Simply wipe off bug splatter with a cloth, and your car will look like you just drove it off the showroom floor. If you have a new car, you may want to seriously consider protecting its finish with XPEL Ultimate to keep it looking new for years to come.

San Diego drivers are constantly battling bug splatter due to the mild climate. You can faithfully wash and wax your car, but that only offers so much protection against the onslaught of bugs. Let the professional installers at Lux Auto Spa take the worry out of caring for your car’s finish.

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